Our Wedding Date: July 9, 2016


Welcome to our site! We are excited to share our happy day with all of our loved ones!  If yo;u need to reach out to us you can email us directly at caroltommy@outlook.com

This website you can navigate to RSVP, check out our pictures or get the information regarding our registries.  I am not sure how the RSVP on this website works, if it will allow you to put how many people you are bringing with you or not.  If the website will not let you add any guests and you do not want to send back the RSVP card, then just shoot us an email to the above email address.  Make sure you put your name and how many you will be bringing with you.

We are both excited for this next chapter in our lives and we are so happy to be able to share this day with all of our friends and loved ones!

Along with this website, we also are using an app!  If you have a smart phone, there is an app called "WedPics"  download the app and the Wedding ID for us is CarolKluge Tommy.  On this app, you can share with us and others any pictures you may have of us, or any pictures that you take at the wedding! We would love to see all of your pictures from the wedding.  By you uploading these pictures, others get to see the pictures and we can order prints of some of the pictures! 


The wedding will be at Central Baptist Church in Warner Robins (the big church at the corner of Lake Joy & Russell Pkwy).  I am so honored that my sister in law Brande will be my maid of honor, my niece Graci will be the Jr Bridesmaid and of course the flower girl is the one and only Lila (if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Lila yet, you will understand when you meet her) :)  My wonderful brother, Mike will be giving me away.  I am blessed that I am able to include so much of my family in this day.  As for Tommy and his side----for those of you that know him, I guess we will all be in for a surprise if and when he chooses who will be standing next to him.

We want everyone that is able to come, to please do and have a wonderful time!  We will be serving some finger foods, small snacks, etc  we will not be doing a full blown meal since it is inbetween lunch and dinner.  That is the only reason that we are really relying on everyone to send in an RSVP whether by mailing back the card, through this site or emailing us.  This way we can be sure to have plenty of food for everyone!

We look forward to a wonderful future together and are so happy to have all of you as close friends!